Law, Security And Justice: Domestic Focus, Global Context


The Attorney-General's Department, along with colleagues from across Government, is deeply engaged in the development of Australia's next Foreign Policy White Paper because of the interlinkages between our domestic responsibilities and international affairs. 

In our globally connected world, the development of technology, the portability of information and finance, and the rapid growth in e-commerce requires policy development and operational cooperation in areas of cyber security, privacy law, and cross-border dispute resolution. 

The internet and other digital technologies allow old crimes to be committed in new ways – encryption technologies and the 'dark web' are utilised to launder money, steal identities and to distribute child exploitation material. Without cooperation from other countries, we cannot respond effectively to transnational crime, extradite offenders or obtain evidence from overseas to investigate or even sometimes prosecute those involved in criminal activity. 

By working with our regional neighbours to strengthen legal frameworks in areas such as human trafficking, people smuggling and money laundering, we have also improved international crime cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.

This article is part of a Foreign Policy White Paper themed blog series hosted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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