Harnessing Innovation Through Team Australia


Competing globally under the banner of Team Australia is crucial to our success – and a major consideration for the Government's forthcoming Foreign Policy White Paper – but what does it mean in practice?

For Austrade, Team Australia means working intelligently with partners to achieve more within the scope of existing resources. It means thinking and acting creatively, and working together in new ways to increase the impact of the services we provide. In other words, it's a form of innovation.

The logic of Team Australia extends beyond the Commonwealth Government to state and territory governments, industry, think tanks, institutes and the private sector more broadly – anyone we can work with cooperatively to achieve joint aims.

Innovation of course is a priority across the Australian Government.  Australia has strong innovation credentials that we are working collectively to leverage.  For example, Australia is one of the world's most advanced and successful economies, a leading provider of technology across a range of niche applications and a country ranked number one on the Martin Institute Global Creativity Index.

This article is part of a Foreign Policy White Paper themed blog series hosted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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