Celebrating 70 Years Of The Australian Antarctic Program


The 2017–18 Antarctic season will be the 70th anniversary of the Australian Antarctic Program. The international interest in Antarctica has grown significantly since it began and will continue to do so. It is timely that the Department of the Environment and Energy’s Australian Antarctic Division is participating in the development of the Foreign Policy White Paper, which will reflect Australia’s role as a leader in Antarctica.

Antarctica has long been recognised as a unique and awe-inspiring continent and it holds a special place in the hearts of many Australians.

The Australian Antarctic Division leads the Australian Antarctic Program, working closely with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and other agencies. Australia has a strong presence in the region. Our permanent research stations, operational activities and world-class science place us at the forefront of international engagement in Antarctica.

This article is part of a Foreign Policy White Paper themed blog series hosted by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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